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Experience the return of a legend! Dive back into the thrilling and perilous world of the Middle Ages. Embark on your journey in the vast lands of Abella with a subscription today. Will you rise to prominence through the might of the sword, or gain influence and wealth through the mastery of your craft? The choice is in your hands!

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1 month subscription

The subscription unlocks your passage to a thrilling and treacherous medieval world, where each player stands an equal chance to etch their name in history. Here, devoid of pay-to-win features or microtransactions, your destiny hinges solely on your actions and choices!

Build New World

Claim your land and build houses, castles, fortresses, and more using a powerful terraforming and construction interface. Dig tunnels, mines, and pits and expand them in all dimensions––the only limit is your imagination. Team up with other players to build a tiny village or a mighty kingdom!  

Find Your Destiny

Forge your own path as you survive, build, fight as one of three races



Become a skilled craftsman, an eloquent diplomat, or embark on a journey by choosing the path of the Gottlungs. They are a fair and understanding race living on exceptionally fertile grasslands and building massive spacious houses on solid foundations.



Choose the nomadic life by joining Khoors. The quiet herdsmen of the Wulpian Great Steppe can promptly turn into ferocious warriors, instilling fear in Gottlung hearts. On foot, Khoors are exceptional archers—on horseback, they are lightning fast with their pikes and sabres.   



If the warrior spirit lives in you and the axe blade guides the way, join the Slavards. These tall, strong, and tough people are exceptional hunters and anglers; tireless sea wanderers and whalers; fearsome sea brigands, explorers and merchants.  

Fight For Life

There will always be someone who wants to destroy your home. Gather a group of your closest allies and establish a guild. Repel attacks of the rivals who want to invade your lands, ruin everything you have built, and slaughter your livestock. Defend your hard work to provide a bright future for your nation! 


Expand Your Power

As a leader, you certainly want your kingdom to bloom and flourish. Gather a group of your closest allies and establish a guild. Claim larger lands, form alliances with neighboring kingdoms, and establish a path to power.


As of now, we have no intentions of conducting progress wipes, which means you're free to start mapping out your strategies for world domination right away.

The game is available right now.

The game is published and operated by Long Tale Games.

The same version that was available when the servers shut down in 2021. Moving forward, we aim to implement future updates based on this version.

We are planning to release several variants of the game so that everyone can choose the version they like best. All of the variants will be based on the "vanilla" version, so the fans will get their favorite game regardless. In the near future, we plan to study the game engine in detail, dive deep into its capabilities and optimization options, and fix the issues. All this will help to better understand the directions and options for the game's further development.

Long Tale Games will only publish and develop Life is Feudal: MMO worldwide. The rights to all other versions of the game (Your Own, Forest Village) remain with BitBox.

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The new frontier calls. Prepare for an epic journey to conquer the historical landscape of a Medieval world.

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